• We set the standard by rejecting the standard

  • Detailed Processes

  • Collaborative Processes

Exceptional spaces

Crimson helps to deliver extraordinary design led projects characterized by an unrivaled combination of detailing and diverse design.

We achieve this through our unique approach to planning and project management, ensuring all projects are delivered as expected, on time, and on budget. Our organization and detailed documentation ensure that each project is unique and tailored to the specific requirements and personal preferences of each client.

Whether you are working on a private residence, restaurant, or hotel, our experienced team is on hand to discuss your requirements and to partner you to make your vision a reality.

Our Approach

Crimson will partner you throughout the procurement process by communicating your design intent effectively through detailed documentation allowing you to focus on creating exceptionally designed spaces and supporting your client.

Procurement needs are unique to each project. We enjoy partnering with our clients on projects of all sizes, from a private residence to a resort property. Our team is on hand to provide design, purchasing, tracking, warehousing and installation support, ensuring a seamless transition from design conception through completion.

We listen

Whatever your requirement - whether you are designing a residential, commercial, or hospitality project. We listen. We will determine how your project needs to be managed in tandem with your timeline and budget. When we fully understand your needs and preferences, we begin the procurement management process.

We plan

All of our work is meticulously planned. By mapping out each step of your interior design project we can overcome any design, timeline, or budget challenges before the installation day, minimizing disruption to you and your client.

We communicate

Our team understands that communication and collaboration is key amongst the project’s interior designer, general contractor, procurement, and installation team. We begin communications early in the project by generating proposals and purchase orders reflecting your design intent. We continue the process by tracking items to their intermediate destination to be received and inspected. Last, we complete the process by coordinating deliveries, on site installation, and documenting the post-installation punch list.