Contemporary kitchen design, Carlton Woods

Our client wished to create a unique kitchen within a Mediterranean-style home. 

A practical workflow from food preparation to entertaining would be critical, with hidden storage and other features to allow functional living.

Contemporary kitchen design, Carlton Woods

Our design challenge

We set out to create a very large central island that needed to incorporate 2-inch thick custom glass and caesar stone.

As a remodel project rather than a new build, we obviously needed to work within the existing space creatively while meeting our key design goals. These were to create a luxurious, functional space while incorporating innovation and symmetry wherever possible.

The finished project

From flip-down charging stations to hidden drawers, the kitchen is extremely modern but supports everyday living and meets the client’s brief to deliver a space that enables cooking and informal entertaining.

The island has achieved all of our design goals and the imported custom glass countertop has met the vision to fuse the contemporary with the traditional.

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